Community & matchmaking

Instead of using different platforms and services like Messenger, whatsapp, sms, forums etc. to be able to find players or chat with each other to see availability for games, we now gather all the padel players in one community with a great variety of different features.

Quick, Smooth & Easy

It takes 10 second to send a match request. Then just relax and wait for the match to be accepted.

Use all communication needed for you and your padel friends in one app. It should be fun and smooth to play padel.

The app has simplicity in focus for best possible
ease of use. The app can beused by everyone.

Key functions

Uniq "in-app" booking of matches.
Matchmaking of players / groups.
The app supports first-come-first-served matching.
See matches under planning, upcoming matches and matches played
Match square, controlled in the desired place / places
All cities and courses 
Create groups and make new friends.
Availability calendar per week
Advertising / offer from paddle companies / brands for the purchase of paddle equipment etc.
Payment features - who and what has been paid?


Andréas Johansson


Andréas Johansson is one of Sweden's best padel players and coaches. He is torn between the forehand and backhand corners and has a great passion for Spanish padel.

Padelappen collaborates with the best brands in the padel industry.

What they say about padelappen


Padelappen makes match booking very easy.


I love the simplicity of inviting many players to a match and being able to see the status of whether they can play or not.


WOW! Why hasn’t this app existed before.


Finally I can play as much padel as I want. Now I can always find players who loves padel as much as I do.

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